Jan 23

Call of the Pistil (1971) aka Kashin no sasoi

It is the jarring debut of Masaru Konuma (Ikenie Fujin), one of the Nikkatsu studio’s most unconventional filmmakers. The outrageous story line deals with Masako (Keiko Maki), a journalist who is raped while researching a story. The rape causes her to develop amnesia, so her brother devises a novel way to get her memory back — he has her boyfriend rape her again. It doesn’t work, so the brother and boyfriend do more research, discovering that Masako was raped by an African-American soldier. As might be expected, they then hire a black GI to rape the poor girl yet a third time. There remains nothing else to say about this film. Those who might enjoy it will surely be searching for it already, and those who are repulsed will surely not be swayed by hearing what a well-made film it is, or how well novice director Konuma composes scenes.

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Aug 30

The Reipuman 5 (1995) aka The レイプマン5

Part 5 in the RAPEMAN series is another bit of rapey-fun, this time with a bit of a twist. This one pits Rapeman up against one of his previous targets, and the woman hires a Rapeman look-a-like to tarnish our heros good name. Has Rapeman finally met his match? Tune in to find out! Same rape time, Same rape station.

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Aug 23

Homicides: The Criminals Part II (1976) aka Xiang Gang qi an 2: Xiong sha

An anthology film featuring four true-crime stories that took place in Hong Kong in the early 1970’s:

Part 1: ‘The Deaf Mute Killer’ – A deaf and mute man is pushed to murder after being wrongly accused of rape.
Part 2: ‘Mama San’- A brothel madam has a man killed for not paying his debts.
Part 3: ‘The Informer’ – A traffic cop is murdered by a police informer and his gun stolen.
Part 4: ‘Nude in a Box’ – The discovery of the body of a dead woman results in a man being put on trial.

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Jun 20

The Trainee physically Raped (1998) aka Kyōiku jisshū-sei reipu niku jigoku

From the sensory novel series of the movie, the same masterpiece of the original Yaohira is imaged. One video reaches Nao who returned to the alma mater for teaching practice. There was a picture of five years ago Nao was refered to by someone.

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Jun 16

Extraordinary Images! Bondage in Japan (1980) aka Gekisatsu! Nihon no Kinbaku (1980)

A tragedy about Japan during and after the Second World War, including Japanese abuses in China: Sanae is a girl who is in love with gardener Kenji. But he goes to war and she will suffer the consequences by falling into the clutches of the perverted Japanese officer Takada who killed his wife Yuki wile torturing. The curse will continue for three generations. She is torn between relationships becomes a mistress.

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