Jun 20

My Sex Report: Intensities (1976) a.K.a Watashi no sex-hakusho

MySexReportIntensitiesOne of Japanese director Chusei Sone’s better pinku eiga films of the period, this softcore melodrama features talk-show hostess Maria Mitsui as Akemi, a laboratory technician who spends her evenings spying on her gangster neighbor (Nobutaka Masutomi) as he makes love to his stripper girlfriend (Meika Seri). The objects of Akemi’s voyeuristic attentions learn of her interests and suggest that she’d make a fine prostitute. Not surprisingly, Akemi agrees and channels her interests into this more lucrative occupation. Despite the silly plot, this well-made Nikkatsu film was a bit of a comeback for Sone, who had slipped from his reputation as the studio’s most reliable director with a series of remarkably dull efforts in the mid-’70s. This one manages to be entertaining, and was a sign of even better films to come, as Sone entered the most creative period of his career with superior efforts like Tenshi No Harawata Akai Kyoshitsu and Akai Boko.
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Jun 12

Bloodbath at Pinky High Part II (2012) aka Joshi Kosei Boryoku Kyoshitsu

In this movie, Maki the Lone Wolf tries to take out Ranko’s gang, who are now controlling the school as the ‘Student Council’. Ranko is still procuring girls for visiting dignitaries, in this case members of the school board. Maki links up with Midori’s old gang members and they become the Wildcats. Maki fights her way through the Student council leaders – one with an electrified whip, one with some mace-like device, and another with a machine gun parasol, before the final showdown with Ranko. Continue reading