Sep 10

Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (1986) aka Bijo no harawata

entrails_of_beautiful_woman_poster_01This is a story about a pretty psychologist (Megumi Ozawa) who is raped, murdered, and dismembered while trying to avenge the suicide of a patient who was raped by a Yakuza gangster. Buried along with the remains of a rival gangster, Ozawa somehow melds with his corpse and comes back from the grave as a hermaphrodite zombie. A bloody and sadistic revenge is ahead.
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Sep 04

Seduce & Swindle (1996) aka Akumyouden

Lady-killer Ikki Fujisawa uses his boyish charm and his obvious skill at cunnilingus to habitually seduce and then swindle societally elite women out of millions. Keeping a close eye on Ikki’s adventures in the hope of a slip-up is a thick-skinned detective who resorts to collaborating with a renowned retired conman in his pursuit of this libidinous criminal.The suspenseful “plot” follows Ikki through several gyrating encounters with lovely nudies before the noose slowly tightens around his neck. BUT WAIT!! Could the sheer impact of Ikki’s glowing sexual performance possibly get him off the hook?
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