Oct 11

Nineteen Joshidaisei Satsujin Report (2005) aka 19 – Nineteen – Joshidaisei satsujin repôto

A Paper on Murder by Girl Students (2005)Kaori and Natsumi are the students of a Gils Only College. Naoki, the designer who uses his sweet-talks to lure girls to have sex with him, and tape their actions along the way, then use those to black mail the girls. Naoki uses his charm to seduce Natsumi, with the real purpose of taking over her house. Unexpectedly, Kaori and Natsumi learned who Naoki really is, the feeling of hate and betrayal took over. These two 19-year-olds killed Naoki, dismantled his body and flee the scene. Kondo, who discovered the fact started to chase after these two girls. Between life and death, love and friendship, true and lies, when will all of these come to an end…
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Oct 05

Soft Skin (1998) aka Yawarakai hada

softskinMinako, a Tokyo housewife, is depressed that everybody has an energetic life outside of the house except her. Using her inspiration from television reports of a hitch-hiking chainsaw murderer, Minako decides to spice up her life by finding a young fan and running off with him by faking her kidnapping. While the woman family frets and worries, Minako has a wonderful time. Eventually, though, she chooses it’s time for you to get back to her family. The woman fan, nevertheless, isn’t prepared for the enjoyable to stop, and Minako’s fake kidnapping shortly becomes all too genuine.

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Oct 03

Girl’s Pleasure: Man Hunting (1977) aka Yokosuka otoko-gari: shoujo kairaku

Two female friends and their very different lives… One witnesses the brutal rape of her sister while the other has to deal with a troubled relationship with an African American soldier. Together, the girls will be drawn into a spiral of revenge and violence.

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Sep 12

Beautiful Sisters: Flesh Slave (1986) aka Bishimai nikudorei

One of Nikkatsu Studios’ most tedious filmmakers, Katsuhiko Fujii, who almost singlehandedly engineered the company’s decline with the dreadful Dan Oniroku Hebi No Ana, directed this formulaic rape-revenge film. A maniac breaks into the apartment of two sisters (Rei Akasaka, Megumi Kiyosato) and abuses them sexually and physically until they turn the tables. Like many American entries in the subgenre, the revenge scenes come off as a somewhat cynical attempt to justify the sadistic nature of what came before, while the rapes are clearly meant to entice the darker elements of the trenchcoat crowd. Kiriko Shimizu co-stars.

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