Mar 18

New Eros Schedule Book: An Offering of Fine Skin (1972) aka Shin irogoyomi ooku hiwa yawahada kenjo

The era of Tokugawa Yashiro General Yoshimune. One day, a spell with an actor named Mononokei was delivered to Oyu Oyu – sen and Fujio address. The interrogation of Tsunehiro Yano started quickly and it was that Fujio did not remember himself, but he kept himself in the fortresses and served Fujio became a disposition of the expulsion of Edo Castle. And Takegawa was appointed to succeed Fujio, so that Takegawa worked for himself as a fairyteller of Yoshimune. On the other hand, Oya Ose and Osechi, who were under Fujio, were struggling to find out who was trying to fall into Fujio with this one case. A few days later, I heard that it was “a maid with a large mole at the left internal thigh” that I was trying to oppose the crestation from Isao Narushima who protects the entrance to Ooku. I promptly notified of that information quickly. One day, a beautiful laden offering was presented from the lords of the countries, Yoshimune liked the blonde girls’ sister very much, and cute as every evening. However, Osechi who was serving Sally got stuck in the eyes of Yoshimune. There was a fiancé, Shinjiro, but Yoshimune did not forgive him, and invited midforced forcuses to a fair. However, when Yoshimune finds a hook in the crotch of falsehood, he said that there is a hook in the same place. I could understand all of the truth. Fujio’s name was restricted only to be quiet, it was what Takegawa and Yano had organized. Still surprisingly it was surprising that Sally was brought into Ooku for old Fujio’s investigation from old age. Eventually Fujio returned to Oku, and Oshito Shinjiro was supposed to have a house to see. …

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Mar 08

Star of David: Beauty Hunting (1979) aka Dabide no hoshi: Bishôjo-gari

One dark and stormy night, a middle age prison escapee haphazardly breaks into the luxurious mason of a wealthy and privileged family and rapes the young wife in front of her bound husband. A year later, the son conceived by the rapist comes into the world. At the age of sixteen, he studies Nazi atrocities in history class, and feels the awakening of his inner brutality. The time has come. He launches a journey to let off a long-held grudge against the abusive foster father and to seek out a reunion with his genetic dad. He lures out his real father through newspaper ads and invites him to the secret torture chamber in the basement of the house where he confines abducted girls. Their feast of lust and perversion has now begun.

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Mar 06

Modern Porno Tale: Inherited Sex Mania (1971) aka Gendai poruno-den: Sentensei inpu

Reiko Ike stars as Yuki, a girl who has lesbian sex with Miki Sugimoto at a Catholic school during the opening credits. She is then raped by her mother’s sleazy boyfriend, quits school, leaves home and burns through a number of sugar daddies before eventually meeting a nice guy architecture student. Will their love be strong enough to defeat (or accept) her fuckmad body?

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Feb 28

Oniroku Dan : Best of SM (1984) aka SM daizenshu (団鬼六監修 SM大全集)

SM Daizenshu – Best of SM is basically clips from a few “popular” pinku films that is put into the context of a “story” – by adding “book-end” sequences that turn the film clips into slightly more than just a compilation film.

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Feb 27

Real Time Wiretap Report: Pillow Talk (1993) aka (Nama) tôchô ripôto: Chiwa

A medical researcher working with a blind, mute quadriplegic patient begins to experiment with hypnotherapy as a means to fix his seemingly non-physical ailments. Unfortunately, results are almost impossible to measure on the crippled subject, so she begins monitoring other, healthy text subjects… and even tries hypnosis on herself! What she’s unlocking in the human brain may forever change medical science forever, but will she be remain sane enough – or even alive! – to present her findings?

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