Sep 01

Zoom Up : Rape Site (1979) aka Zûmu appu: bôkô genba

A serial rapist prowls the streets, violating women in a ghastly fashion and disposing of the bodies in an abandoned building. Over the course of the film, several people witness the crimes but instead of reporting them they just start raping and killing as well.

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Aug 29

Couples – A Diary of Swinger Experiences (2007)

Episode 1: It’s been six months since ANNA and her boyfriend KOTA have started living together. They enjoy having sex while talking about their naughty imaginations. One day, JYURI, Anna’s childhood friend, comes to their apartment. Listening to JYURI’s stories about ANNA makes KOTA jealous for not knowing his girlfriend as much as her, and he comes up with a plan…..
Episode 2: JYURI lives with TAKESHI, her boyfriend from college. Recently, TAKESHI has suffered ED without a known cause. She tries hard to make love to him, but TAKESHI cannot have an erection. One day, JYURI’s childhood friend ANNA comes over and asks her an advice…..

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Aug 28

From Orion’s Testimony: Formula for Murder (1978) aka Orion no satsui yori – Joji no houteishiki

Toshihiko’s father, Kozo is a conservative egoist who runs a jeweler and is trying to hold down people with financial strength. Therefore, Toshihiko’s mother · son also can divorce without being able to endure Kozo’s domineering. Since then Toshihiko had an antipathy to Kozo. Eventually Kozo will welcome young and beautiful Asako to his wife. As Toshihiko embraces her feelings of thought to Asako, he sees opportunities for revenge on Kozo. As Toshihiko Asako occasionally confused in going silently and going out, she traps her. And Asako secretly met with Mr. Kitahata of an old lover …

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Aug 21

The Tale of Shuten Doji (2012) aka Genkai Eros Kyoten: Shuten Doji

In the Heian era, demons come to kill aristocrats and monks and kidnap females. Their chieftain is Shuten-doji, and his female companion is Ibaraki-doji. A famous noble, Fujiwara no Michinaga, orders his four best commanders, led by Minamoto no Yorimitsu, to take down the demons. Yorimitsu heads to the mountain where the demons are and finds kidnapped females in celebration with them. In order to weaken their guard down, Yorimitsu joins the party. Soon, Ibaraki-doji begins to tell her story on why she became a demon. As a princess of a rich family, she lost her father to conspiracy and was continuously raped by aristocrats for ten days. She became a demon to exact revenge on them by destroying their government and establishing the kingdom of demons, who begrudge the world. Yet what is Shuten-doji’s story? And what turn will the battle take?

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Aug 17

Confessions of a Secretary (1976) aka Onna hisho no kokuhaku: kaniku no shitatari (1976)

Erratic director Yukihiko Kondo moved into darker, more carnal territory than he had explored in his previous work with this problematic but worthwhile pinku eiga entry from Nikkatsu. Hitomi Kozue stars as Ayako, a corporate secretary who was once raped by a company executive and was awarded her current position as compensation. Ayako sees a younger woman raped in a stairwell by the same guy, and starts looking over shoulder, as she’s sure she is about to lose her job in favor of the young victim. She’s right, but Ayako still manages to have one last corporate fling when she attends a wanton orgy with a gay male co-worker. Sleazy and unpleasant, but well-paced and at times quite erotic, this was one of Nikkatsu’s more interesting releases of the year. Erina Miyai co-stars as Kei Sasao and Hirokazu Ito.

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Aug 11

Assault! (1976) aka Boko!

This is one of the better films from the Nikkatsu studio’s hard-edged strain of pinku eiga roughies, a violent subset of films trading on beatings, rape, and torture without necessarily falling into traditional S&M film trappings. Nobutaka Masutomi stars as a bar-owner named Kuroki, forlornly waiting for his adulterous wife (Hitomi Kozue) to get back from messing around with her boyfriend (Akira Takahashi). She returns, but because she’s been fooling around with gangsters she brings trouble with her. Kuroki gets tied up and beaten, his wife and customers get tortured and raped, and it is finally up to the mousy cuckold to set things right, Straw Dogs-style. Because this is a Japanese film, however, Kuroki finishes off his vengeful killing spree by murdering his unfaithful wife as well as her attackers.

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Aug 10

Vengeance Demon (1969) aka Fukushûki

A brother and sister live as outcasts from their hamlet due to a belief that mental illness runs in their family. A group of villagers plot to steal their property by beating and hanging the brother and gang-raping the sister. Believing the brother to be dead, scheming to kill the sister, and making both deaths look like accidents… unbeknownst to them, the brother survives and proceeds on a mission to slaughter those responsible in the hamlet.

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