Nov 14

Bishojo Cafe Okaerinasai Goshujinsama (2006)

Marine aiming for idle started a byte with a maid cafe in Akihabara. At that lolita face she quickly becomes number one, but senior Meg who was deprived of popularity is not amusing. Meg collaborates with other maids, repeating persistent bullying of Marinha. Bullying is getting extreme, such as being uploaded to the net as a snatched image in the changing room, but marine gradually gets pleasant.

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Nov 12

Swing (2003) aka Shujin ni mirare nagara…

Akemi works part time to support herself and her lazy husband. One day she meets an old friend and the friend’s husband. She becomes aggravated during their conversation when the couple suggest that Akemi’s husband’s irresponsible behavior is justifiable. As her frustration increases, she meets a woman who encourages her to experiment sexually, which in turn leads Akemi to a labyrinth world of sex and swapping.

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Nov 05

Delinquent Girl Boss: Ballad of Yokohama Hoods (1971) aka Zubeko banchô: hamagure kazoe uta

The local yakuza gangs dominating the port of Yokohama do not take well the invasion of their territory by a daring biker gang, led by a girl in black leather outfit and cowboy hat – reminiscent of the earlier war victors. Old and new grudges lead the two girl gangs to clash in several fights. However, when one of the leaders dies, the girls end up by uniting against the male gangsters that had been using them as puppets – and it all ends in a great finale mixed battle by the seashore.

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Oct 30

Kandagawa Wars (1983) aka Kanda-gawa inran senso

Two sexually energized young women who live in a high-rise apartment building happen one day to spy from their window a mother and son making love in the apartment across from theirs. They decide to stage a rescue attempt to free him and in the process one of the young women ends up falling in love with the son despite having a boyfriend and enjoying sex with her female companion. Of course, the mother they are warring against has her own plans when she feels her privacy invaded.
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