Sep 12

Beautiful Sisters: Flesh Slave (1986) aka Bishimai nikudorei

One of Nikkatsu Studios’ most tedious filmmakers, Katsuhiko Fujii, who almost singlehandedly engineered the company’s decline with the dreadful Dan Oniroku Hebi No Ana, directed this formulaic rape-revenge film. A maniac breaks into the apartment of two sisters (Rei Akasaka, Megumi Kiyosato) and abuses them sexually and physically until they turn the tables. Like many American entries in the subgenre, the revenge scenes come off as a somewhat cynical attempt to justify the sadistic nature of what came before, while the rapes are clearly meant to entice the darker elements of the trenchcoat crowd. Kiriko Shimizu co-stars.

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Aug 28

New Female Teacher (2009) aka Shinnin Onna Kyoshi

A forbidden story that a high school girl who died of a female teacher with a wounded heart and her mother is drowned in pleasure within school. Kiyomi Kimura, a new female teacher, is concerned about Naoya Shirota, a student who lost his mother a month ago. I will visit my home to encourage Naoya, but he refuses such maple.

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Aug 27

Woman of the Afternoon: Incite! (1979) aka Hirusagari no onna: chohatsu!

Woman-of-the-Afternoon-350x500Natsuko Yashiro (aka Yujo Oribe) stars as Yuki, who picks up a gay hitchhiker after leaving her husband’s house following an argument. When the hitchhiker discovers his boyfriend having sex with a woman, he decides to keep traveling with Yuki. They reach a diner, which is filled with scummy Deliverance rejects who proceed to rape and torture them for most of the film.

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Aug 24

High Noon Ripper (1984) aka Mahiru no kirisakima

51NJ3PJSWYLA female got viciously raped and killed. Aya, the publisher of a popular journal, and the professional photographer Kajii hurry to the location of the murder to make some photos for the news. The picture is awful as the murderer had cut the genitals out of his woman’s body. Aya get a tip from a photograph published in the journal, that was used by the fifteen years old person. Kajii prospects Shun to be the killer and starts following him with the help of his girlfriend. A couple of days later the maniac hits again. A new victim is Makiko, with whom Aya had lesbian sex and relationship. Their investigation for finding the killer leads them to a playground in which the first slay has had place. But who may be this High Noon Slasher and why is killing innocent girls.

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Aug 15

Temptation of Kimono (2009) aka Kimono no yūwaku

Mikage will get wedded to Youiti next 12 months, she confirms to stay at one house with Youiti’s mom and dad. Some day, Youiti’s dad disrobed Mikage’s Kimono and abused her. To her astonishment, her fiancé Youiti whom Mikage thinks true love has an relationship with his young stepmother. Surprised and blasted, what will Mikage do?

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