Dec 22

The Oath of Death (1971) aka Wan Jian Chuan Xin

Oath Of Death 71Pao Hseuh-li started his film career as a cinematographer, beautifully lensing such important films as Golden Swallow. This was one of his films as director. Lo Lieh, soon to be Shaw Brothers’ first international star, thanks to King Boxer, stars as Sung Dynasty patriot Chin Liang, who runs afoul of a corrupt and ambitious ex-friend. To avenge the villains’ treachery, he must make an oath of death, purposely maiming himself to accomplish his ultimate triumph. Continue reading

Mar 17

Intimate Confessions Of A Chinese Courtesan (1972) aka Ai nu

ainutf1350.jpg~originalThe Movie opens with a green-tinted prologue in which police inspector Ji De (Yueh Hua) investigates a murder apparently committed by a prostitute named Ainu (Lily Ho Li-li). Flashbacks reveal that Ainu was among a number of maidens kidnapped by brigands under the orders of regal, lesbian Madam Chun (Betty Pei Ti). Although the girl’s virginity is auctioned off in the usual manner to a group of rich deviants, Chun is attracted to her beauty and pluck and takes Ainu under her wing.
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Feb 29

Naked Comes The Huntress (1978) aka Diao nu

NakedComesThree friends (Chen Sing, James Tien & Wong Ching) turn up in Manchuria to find fortunes and prosperity of some kind. Almost devoured by the perils of the land, the trio stumble upon a young, naked girl in the snowy landscape. She is Mien Mien (Lee Ying-Ying) who is actually using her still, naked body to attract the minks that she and her father hunt for a living. The trio of men are subsequently invited to her home where they work for the family in exchange for food and shelter. Soon the alluring nature of Mien Mien gets the lust in Wong Ching’s character going but Mien Mien is saved by Chen Sing, the elder of the trio. Love is in the air but not in the eyes of the father who wants to marry the daughter to the younger James Tien character. Deception and betrayal soon enter…
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Feb 23

Saytr Monks (1994) aka Xie kuai (邪儈)

Saytr_Monks_1994Righteous Chung Hoi and his father fight to stop a group of evil monks who practice the Steel Palm and kidnap young girls for immoral purposes. Father is killed by the monk leader using Steel Palm. The only move capable to defeating the monks is Double Kick, so Chung Hoi sets about to find a teacher.
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Jan 08

Kung Fu Cockfighter (1976) UNCENSORED

kungfucockfighterNutty X-rated porno/kung fu movie. You must see this one to believe it! Evil Duke Lee Chow uses a horny monk with a super-powered crank to test for virgins in a bloody hymen busting ritual. The monk is able to break boulders and do spinning push-ups with his crank! He meets his match in a super-virgin who can jam a long pole up her twat, snap off the end and shoot it across the room like a ping pong ball! Whe she spreads her legs a green light flashes from her crack and lightning strikes! In one disgusting scene a woman has her pussy roasted over an open fire and basted with spices… Mmm! You must get this one!
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Nov 26

Knight Errant (1973) aka Ying xiong ben se

knierrKung fu superstar Jimmy Wang Yu (“Master of the Flying Guillotine”, “The One Armed Boxer”) is a taxi driver in Taiwan searching for a way to pay for his sister’s eye operation, while trying not to get into too much trouble with the law. Little does he know, a Japanese death squad led by martial arts legend Yasuaki Kurata (“Fist of Legend”) has arrived in town intent on killing every member of his family by any means necessary. And if they fail, waiting in the wings is their grandmother, who may be more than even Jimmy can handle!!. Featuring two of the greatest icons of kung fu films facing each other for the first and last time, a great ’70s soundtrack, wall to wall fights, and a sixty year old grandma getting run over repeatedly by a car, this one has everything you could want!
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Nov 02

Eastern Condors (1987) aka Dung fong tuk ying

Eastern Condors (1987)
Eastern Condors has few equals in the action genre. Directed and starring Sammo Hung, Sammo turns the action to eleven in this hybrid of modern action and kung fu. Also appearing is Yuen Biao and Yuen Wah as the ever reliable villain. E.C. is Hong Kong’s answer to The Dirty Dozen where a group of Chinese/American criminals go on a suicide mission to destroy a missile ammunition dump left behind by Marines in Vietnam.
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Nov 01

The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974) aka The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula

The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974)In 1804, in Transylvania, a Chinese walker heads to the castle of Dracula. He awakes Dracula from his tomb and explains that he is Kah, the High Priest of the Seven Golden Vampires in China that are powerless. He needs Dracula to restore their power and the vampire takes Kah’s body and image. One hundred years later, Professor Laurence Van Helsing gives a lecture at a Chinese university about the legend of the Seven Golden Vampires but the students leave the auditorium finding that the all the exposition is superstition. However the student Hsi Ching meets Van Helsing at home and tells that the legend is true and he knows the location of the vampires. Van Helsing accepts to travel to the village in the countryside to help to destroy the vampires and the wealthy widow Mrs. Vanessa Buren, who has befriend his son Leyland Van Helsing, offers to sponsor the expedition provided she may go with them. Soon they embark with seven siblings skilled in kung-fu in a dangerous expedition to destroy the Golden Vampires and Dracula.
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