Oct 13

Ghost Woman Daughter Child (1992) aka Gui niang zi (鬼女郎子)

Witch Edited -1992-aMay is a man who, in order to reincarnate to an honorable situation, must remain a virgin for three lifetimes. But the evil (and titular) witch has other ideas. She tricks him, then screws him, then kills him. Now dead, May becomes the servant of the prince of hell, whose parents want to marry him off. But despite being offered the choice of 73 beauties, he rejects them all as being too old. The prince (who, like the other inhabitants of hell, is quite a nice guy) is mad about Chin … but she’s “on the corps side” – that is, in the land of the living. May is instructed to accompany the prince through the tricky task of getting to know and woo the living girl. But the witch is still around, and still after May…..
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Jul 22

Fox Ghost (2002) NTSC DVD5 AKA Erotic Ghost Story (聊齋誌異之孽慾孤仙 )

2i6ys9fTo is a ‘diamond’–a handsome, outstanding student and always wins women’s hearts. He is honored by tycoon Keung and soon married his daughter.To prepare for the upcoming exam, To moves in an abandoned house. During his stay, he meets two sexy, beautiful, and troublesome ghosts. However, he manages to tame them and falls in love with them. While he is on the way to the exam, he gets dragged in a dangerous situation. To asks the two ghosts for help…
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Jul 18

Chinese Erotic Ghost Story (1998) a.K.a Yuk lui liu chai

ChineseEroticGhostStory+1998-48-bA minor staff amends the life-and-death registry he carelessly ruined when he stole a monk statue for his vicious master from a temple. The spirit of the statue awards him by making him handsome and powerful. With the help of the monk, he also enchants the most beautiful prostitute in town. The twist of fate brings him wealth and joy. Yet his wife and his master are behind with their spells of misfortune.
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May 29

Liu Jai: Home for the Intimate Ghosts (1991) aka Liao zhai: Hua nong yue, Liu jai

Very seldom shown erotic story of a cuckolded husband who departs his home and unwittingly becomes included with not one, but two, alluring ghosts. Rim movies Catalog] Mandy and his spouse (that’s right, Mandy is a man) will be an uncommon few under any conditions. Mandy fools around with young women while his spouse is within the home, nevertheless the wife isn’t bothered a lot. She is just considering in the job she’s offered Mandy, which is …. to frequently check with the neighborhood brothelkeeper, and find away if she’s found guys with incredibly difficult manhoods. How hard ? Complicated enough to punch an opening in a sack of grain (ouch !). And one more thing. Mandy and his wife are ghosts. Of course, this means you will find people who are seeking to exorcise them. In between residential disputes and pursued exorcisms, there’s acres of nudity and lots of sex.

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