Oct 24

Shadow Hunters II: Echo of Destiny (1972) a.K.a Kage gari: Hoero taihô

kagegari2_1972The three Shadow Hunters return for another round of Ninja killing. As the film opens, the three Hunters are apart but each is attacked by a “Kunoichi”, a beautiful, deadly female Ninja. After each has dispatched with the Kunoichi, they reunite for another job thwarting shadows at the behest of a clan. Though its use has been outlawed, a mountain clan has a prized cannon that was used in the civil war. Recently, they have melted it down to make a new and more deadly weapon, even though doing so is in direct defiance of the current Shogun’s orders. The Shadow Hunters must retrieve the new cannon from the summit of the mountain and return it to the village before the Shogun’s inspectors arrive. Unbeknownst to the trio, Domoto Makaku, leader of the Shogun’s shadows, is personally coming to make sure that their mission fails. It will take more than brute strength and swords to get the cannon down the mountain and the Hunters pull out all the stops to complete the mission they’ve been assigned.

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Sep 01

Female Ninja Magic 100 Trampled Flowers (1974) a.K.a Kunoichi ninpo: hyakka manji-garami

female_ninja_magic_100_trampled_flowersThis action-packed softcore melodrama concerns a group of female ninjas who use sexual magic along with their considerable fighting skills to protect their province from takeover by a ruthless shogun and his band of fighters.
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Aug 22

Sultry Assassin 2: Ninja Brainwash (2011) a.K.a Tsuyakenkaku 2: Kunoichi iro sennô

sultry-assassin-2-ninja-brainwashWhen Yui Kusunoki, an undercover geisha secretly in the employ of the Inner Secret Guard, disappears while en route to deliver an oral message concerning rogue Koga Ninja penetrations in southern Hikone, there’s just one sword-mistress who can go down after her: the notorious but very easy on the eyes Rin Saejima a.k.a. the Sultry Assassin! But knowing that her identity may have already been compromised as a result of the Koga’s Erotic Brainwashing technique, Rin devises a cunning plan of her own: one that involves bringing her “associate” Yasuburo back into her fold posing as her husband! Get ready for sword-handling of every kind and lots of derring-do getting done in the most unexpected places (and locations) as the team behind the sizzling escapades of The Aphrodisiac Kill reunite for a double-sworded, sordid ero-ninja epic that scholars of Japanese history would very much prefer that you don’t bring up in class: Sultry Assassin 2: Ninja Brainwash!
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Feb 15

Ninja Vixens: Crimson Blades (2000) aka Kunoichi nimpoden: Kurenai no yaiba


Hearts burn with crimson flames, as blades thrash through the darkness! Rogue ninja Shinobu uses all the weapons at her command to terminate the local corrupt politicians – including her seductive body! Hunted by her former lover and captured by a sadistic assassin, the helpless Shinobu is drugged and ruthlessly tortured – until this magnificent NINJA VIXEN slices through the threads of fate with her shining and sexy blade. Desire, danger and destiny combine in this red-hot, sensual samurai thriller, starring the voluptuous Yukashi Otaki in her film debut!
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Jan 20

Lady Ninja Kasumi 3: Secret Skills (2006) aka Sanada Kunoichi ninpoden Kasumi: Musashi! Ougi kaigan

719wJGJL5AL._SL1068_Kasumi (Marin Akizuki) uses her ninja skills, as well as her body, to steal a powerful secret scroll from the Kuroda clan. Now on the run, an expert swordsman named Miyamoto saves the sexy young ninja and helps her survive the eventual onslaught on Oni clan assassins sent her way by Hattori Hanzo himself.
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Jan 13

La Blue Girl III: Lady Ninja (1995) aka Injû gakuen 3: Kunoichi-gari

LaBlueGirl3.1995The Sex Demons of the Shikima Clan are restless, and their only desire is to find their way to earth and human women! These creatures will spare no effort to revive the child of their king, Hanzaki, who can bridge the gap between dimensions. The child’s mother is a Miroku Clan ninja named Miyu, and her entire clan is ready to help defend earth from the encroaching darkness. It is time for the final battle between woman and demon, as the five most beautiful women of the Miroku Clan make their last stand against the Demon Sex magic of the Shikima!
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Dec 18

Ninja Warrior Vixen (2003) aka Kôshoku kunoichi: Aieki-zeme

IK04-0219In 16th century Japan, Kotaro the Ninja is murdered after discovering that the Shogun and his son – the heir apparent – are not related. Now it is up to Kotaro’s ninja daughter, KAEDE, to avenge her father’s death using sexy and deadly ninja fighting techniques that she invents herself! Hiroyuki Kawasaki’s NINJA PUSSY CAT was a huge hit in Japan and made the sexy MASHIRO a star while also spawning the popular LADY NINJA KASUMI & KAEDE series!
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Dec 17

Ninja Vixens: Forbidden Paradise (1999) aka Kunoichi nimpoden: Shinobi kunoichi garden

Ninja-Vixen-ForbiddenMizuho Enomoto debuts as Myst, one of two beautiful ninja sisters who save Iyori, a young samurai on the run. Myst and Bell have a secret, though – one they’ll do anything to protect! As they nurse Iyori back to health, love blossoms – not just between two of them, but between all three! But when Myst’s mentor, the demon hag Ogen, shows up looking for a deadly revenge, their forbidden paradise could be shattered forever!
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