Feb 06

Dirty Maria (1998) aka Yogore ta onna – Maria

Taro Suwa plays Murakami, a cab driver whoever partner Mayumi has gone missing. He fears that she could have run off with another guy (and that is partly the actual situation, as she had been knocking off both her manager and also another Sawai, colleague, regarding the part) – or gotten into difficulty by involving by herself with a ‘telephone relationship club’, a solution which hooks up strangers trying to find easy, anonymous sex, no concerns asked. However, neither among these are the situation: in fact (and this is not spoilertastic, since this occasion requires location in the first eight mins of the movie), she has been murdered by a morose lady that has on a daily basis job at the beauty hair salon which his wife worked at. After offing Maria inside her living-room, she dispassionately chops the body up in the bathroom and later on, after using her daughter to college, she deposits the remains into several disparate trashbins around city.

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Jan 23

Loveholic (2010) aka Chameul Soo Eoptneun (참을 수 없는)

Ji-Heun (Choo Ja-Hyun) is a thirty something single woman who suddenly loses her job, apartment and boyfriend. She then moves in with her friend Kyeong-Lin (Han Su-Yeon) and her doctor husband Myeong-Won (Jeong Chan). Kyeong-Lin appears to be the perfect housewife and lives a life of luxury. Their lives become turbulent when Ji-Heun develops feelings for Myeong-Won’s husband and Myeong-Won falls for her husband’s colleague Dong-Joo (Kim Heung-Su).

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Jan 22

Sexy Angel Vs Train Man (2009) aka Sekushīenjeru VS toreinman

Being a successful nurse is long been Asuka’s dream. This is the first day she works as a nurse but she was late to work because she meets crowds of satyrs in the train. Her senior Yayoi reminds her to be aware of those men in this place, however it’s too late to recognize about it. The heir of this hospital is deeply impressed by young and beautiful Asuka. One day, those trainees of doctors tricked and raped Asuka, they even recorded the whole process, Asuka swears to herself she will never forgive them!

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Jan 19

Crimson Night Dream (1983) aka Koyamu

the film tells the story of Oden Takahashi (Takako Shinozuka), who was executed for stealing, prostituting herself, and murdering people with poison. According to Nishimura’s film, however, Oden was really just an overly indulgent wife who loved her husband so much that she committed her crimes in order to support him.

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Jan 10

Dotei Horoki (2009)

Atsushi Kanai (Hiroshi Yamamoto) is a lecturer at the University of Tokyo. Despite being in his thirties, Atsushi Kanai is still a virgin. One day, Atsushi reunites with his former student Moe Kitajima (Megumi Kagurazaka) and decides that she will be the one to take his virginity. But, Atsushi finds out that she will soon be studying abroad.

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