Jun 15

The Never Ending Love Story (1994) aka Wu jin de ai (無盡的慾)

TheNeverEndingLoveStory+1994aFollows the changing love lives of college buddies KK and Ronnie, with their girlfriends/wives May and Candy. Workaholic adman KK and his girlfriend May are going through a tough time. They attend Ronnie’s wedding, where KK meets Ronnie’s cousin Candy. KK hires Candy as a secretary on Ronnie’s urging, and the two drift together. Meanwhile, Ronnie’s marriage fails, and he gets together with May….
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Jun 14

Assassin Anna (2015) aka Koroshiya Anna ( 殺し屋アンナ)

Popular sexy actress Miyuki Yokoyama starring poetic justice drama . Nun of Anna , to dispose of the target in the priest – Ohara of instruction killer . She has a fierce past that is not revealed only in Ohara , you give up the happiness of as a woman , but had decided prepared to live as killers. Continue reading

Jun 13

Hunting Evil Spirit (1999) aka Yim gong ang wan

haunting1Charlie Cho Cha Lei is a brought up in a rich family, he is nothing to do everyday. In order to have a healthy life, his parent even grasps an expensive medicine for his meal. Un-expectantly, it caused the devil enter into his body, his soul will go out late every night to seduce the girls, it make the whole city messy. Finally, a renowned master is coming in order to get rid of the devil and retrieve his life too . .
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