Dec 29

Woman of the Afternoon: Incite! (1979) aka Hirusagari no onna: chohatsu!

Natsuko Yashiro (aka Yujo Oribe) stars as Yuki, who picks up a gay hitchhiker after leaving her husband’s house following an argument. When the hitchhiker discovers his boyfriend having sex with a woman, he decides to keep traveling with Yuki. They reach a diner, which is filled with scummy Deliverance rejects who proceed to rape and torture them for most of the film.

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Dec 22

The Last Days of the World (2011) aka Sekai saigo no hibi

Kanou is a bored schoolboy. When a small man appears in front of him and announces that the earth will soon be destroyed, Kanou vows to spend the rest of his time doing whatever he wants to do. Kanou smashes his classmate’s head and kidnaps Yumi, who Kanou really liked, to have sex. Never having had sex before, he doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly, he hears a mysterious voice from the radio saying ‘Use your mayonnaise’. On his journey, Kanou meets a middle-aged cos-player who invites him to a party full of strange people. The police arrives and chase Kanou for his crime in the past few days. He is now questioning Kanou whether everything really happened or was just a dream.

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Dec 17

City Without Baseball (2008) aka Mou ye chi sing

The actual members of the Hong Kong Baseball Team all prove themselves to be natural actors by playing themselves in this fictional youth drama set in 2004. In a city where baseball culture is non-existent, these baseball players are a minority by choice. The experience teaches them to be free-thinkers in dealing with love, friendship and their own sexuality. It also enables them to find the will to live in the face of death and the strength to conquer losing in a spectatorless sport.

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