Aug 28

Oniroku: Dan Best of SM (1984) a.K.a SM daizenshu (団鬼六監修 SM大全集)

Oniroku_Dan_Best_of_SM_1984_COVERSM Daizenshu – Best of SM is basically clips from a few “popular” pinku films that is put into the context of a “story” – by adding “book-end” sequences that turn the film clips into slightly more than just a compilation film.
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Jul 28

Hong Kong Night Guide (1997) a.K.a Hao qing ye sheng huo

Hong_Kong_Night_Guide_1997_COVERThis has to be the sleaziest and cheesiest Mondo-style sex documentary ever made! It’s a supposed candid camera expose with an emphasis on massage parlors and big boobs. At one point the narrator advises us not to “screw from the back … otherwise you’ll be blackmailed easily!” A must-see laff riot!
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