Oct 24

Shadow Hunters II: Echo of Destiny (1972) a.K.a Kage gari: Hoero taihô

kagegari2_1972The three Shadow Hunters return for another round of Ninja killing. As the film opens, the three Hunters are apart but each is attacked by a “Kunoichi”, a beautiful, deadly female Ninja. After each has dispatched with the Kunoichi, they reunite for another job thwarting shadows at the behest of a clan. Though its use has been outlawed, a mountain clan has a prized cannon that was used in the civil war. Recently, they have melted it down to make a new and more deadly weapon, even though doing so is in direct defiance of the current Shogun’s orders. The Shadow Hunters must retrieve the new cannon from the summit of the mountain and return it to the village before the Shogun’s inspectors arrive. Unbeknownst to the trio, Domoto Makaku, leader of the Shogun’s shadows, is personally coming to make sure that their mission fails. It will take more than brute strength and swords to get the cannon down the mountain and the Hunters pull out all the stops to complete the mission they’ve been assigned.

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Oct 06

Black Angel 2 (1999) a.K.a Kuro no tenshi 2 (黒 の 天使)

black-angel-2-poster-jpgMob bodyguard Yamabe once saved Mayo from thugs and went to jail for it; Mayo must kill the man who Yamabe protects; and Suzu, whose husband Shinichi was the man killed by Yamabe’s stray bullet, miscarries her baby. The destinies of these three souls begin to intertwine…

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Oct 03

Violent Streets (1974) a.K.a Bôryoku gai (暴力街)

smglpq2qoxnxViolent Streets covers standard yakuza ground: the retired gangster forced back into the crime world. A beef brewing within Tokyo’s underworld sets off a series of spectacular violence headlined by some of the genre’s best actors: Noboru Ando, Bunta Sugawara, Akira Kobayashi, and Tetsuro Tanba. Gosha’s skillful delivery prevents the film from losing any sense of seriousness, even at its most violent.
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Sep 12

Erotic Liaisons (1992) a.K.a Erotikkuna kankei (エロチックな関係)

eroticliasonsRie and Kishi runs a detective agency in Paris. Fallen flooding not directly and they supplement their budget with guiding Japanese tourists. This takes over when the crime boss Okuyama gives them the assignment to shadow his French mistress. Kishi falls head over heels for her while Okuyama has something weird in sight.
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Aug 29

Confinement Sister Teachers (2006) a.K.a Kankin ane imôto kyôshi

confinement_sister_teachersAkiko has just become a teacher in a high school. She teaches the same school as what her elder sister does. Akiko lives with her elder sister and her brother-in-law Norio. Akiko has an affair with Norio, although she knows that it should not be happened. She just cannot stop loving Norio. Until one day, she is visiting her student’s home, some incredible things happened…
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Aug 22

Trilogy of Lust 2: Portrait of a Sex Killer (1995) Uncut a.K.a Xue lian II

Xue_lian_II_1995_COVERA woman suffers from a childhood trauma when she was brutally raped by her uncle and his stinky booze companions. Now as an adult she leads two different lives: during the day she’s the upright manager of a firm, but at night she goes on murderous sprees, dressed in sexy rubber and latex costumes, to have sex with unsuspecting men. After the sexual intercourse she kills them violently and collects body parts like ears or noses as her trophies…
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