Sep 06

Prostitute (1992)

Bulky Kwang (actor unknown, looks vaguely like Samo Hung) and his cousin Tian are decorators who live next to pretty mainland whore Feng, who undresses every morning at the window and drives Kwang crazy. The decorators are hired for a job by Lu Lu and her maid Lin (actress unknown) to do up the house where she’s kept by businessman Robert. Tian convinces Feng to pay more attention to Kwang, and the two eventually become a loving couple … until her pimp Yung (actor unknown) starts to get heavy. Meanwhile, there’s lots of bed-hopping as Tian fools around with Lu Lu, Robert with Lin, as well as a couple of other guys (though it’s unclear couldn’t quite follow who or why).

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Aug 23

Cruel Restaurant (2008) aka Zankoku hanten

Why is it that men love the dumplings of Ms. Lin so much? Why is it that there are so many human disappearances in the vicinity? What did the restaurant chef’s master teach him? Most importantly, where do the dumplings travel through before they appear on the customers’ plates? Watch and learn why Ms. Lin’s restaurant is so popular.

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Aug 04

Sakiko no sushi (2005)

With a special natural instinct of “absolute taste”, the genius girl Sakiko was trained by her father in their family sushi bar. But one day Sakiko was fed up with her father’s harsh training. She left with her boyfriend. Years later she came back home only to find her father’s sushi bar to be taken over by the rich girl Harumi and her Black Gang as a revenge of Harumi’s lost love. Now Sakiko had to fight not only for her family but her dignity to win the sushi contest.

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