Kekko Kamen Collection [1991-2012]


“Kekko Kamen” Collection including:
1. Keiko Mask (1991) aka Kekkô Kamen (‘けっこう仮面’)
2. Kekko Kamen New (2004) aka Kekkô Kamen
3. Kekko Kamen: The MGF Strikes Back (2004)
4. Kekko Kamen: Returns (2004)
5. Kekko Kamen: Surprise! (2004)
6. Kekko Kamen: Royale (2007)
7. Kekko Kamen: Premium (2007)
8. Mask the Kekkou: Reborn (2012)



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Oct 26

Whore Angels (2000) aka Pin-saro byôin 3: Nô-pan shinsatsushitsu

In this sexy over-the-top indy comedy, Komasa is a young hot girl working in a whore house. One day, she saves Monroe, who is being attacked by a demon. Monroe starts working the whorehouse, where it’s soon discovered that her oral skills have magical healing powers. Soon she’s the most popular girl there as lines of sick, handicapped and simply horny men seek special treatment from this angel…

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Oct 05

Soft Skin (1998) aka Yawarakai hada

softskinMinako, a Tokyo housewife, is depressed that everybody has an energetic life outside of the house except her. Using her inspiration from television reports of a hitch-hiking chainsaw murderer, Minako decides to spice up her life by finding a young fan and running off with him by faking her kidnapping. While the woman family frets and worries, Minako has a wonderful time. Eventually, though, she chooses it’s time for you to get back to her family. The woman fan, nevertheless, isn’t prepared for the enjoyable to stop, and Minako’s fake kidnapping shortly becomes all too genuine.

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