Feb 16

The Soul Odyssey (2003) aka Jôhatsu tabinikki

A young man is on an inner journey as he searches for meaning in love, eroticism and marriage. He boards a train, and all the clocks are mirrored from then on, as if looking at them from the inside. He travels to a homey village, meets a potential fiancée, then a sensuous and mysterious stripper.

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Nov 15

Demon Spies (1974) aka Oniwaban

OniwabanDeep in the mountains of feudal Japan, a group of children is cruel and very unusual training to become the most secretive and deadly weapon Saginata — “Spies-Demons” or “Oniwaban”. Their true faces are hidden behind masks, demonic, even from each other. Lost his mask and showed the person doomed to death. They are taught the art of infiltration, espionage, murder, and even seduction. Someone who was strong enough to survive and to be trained, waits for the final exam, a fight to the death with teachers, only then the students become full members of the secret clan of “Oniwaban”. Finally, when you have passed all the tests students are asked a senior mentor to open his face, he presents them the last lesson, how to die a real “Spy” the demon”. Sword, he cuts his face with a mask, and then kills himself.
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