Jun 16

Robinson and His Tempestuous Slaves (1972) aka Robinson und seine wilden Sklavinnen

Robinson_and_his_tempestuous_slave_1974Meet Poor old Mr Robinson who is so bored at home with his terrible and an annoying house wife and her Mother. At work One day, he decides to retire from urban life and spend the rest of his time with three very nice girls on an island. But beware! there’s awful cannibals.
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May 05

Hunter in the Dark (1979) aka Yami no karyudo (闇の狩人)

Hunter-In-DarkYataro Tanigawa, a one-eyed hired assassin, impresses yakuza boss Gomyo Kiyoemon with his skill. Gomyo hires Tanigawa as his bodyguard, or yojimbo, to protect him during an inter-clan conflict. Tanigawa quickly rises in stature in the clan, but finds his boss’s enemies almost overwhelming.
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Jan 05

Temptation of a Monk (1993) aka You Seng

CAbfI7XNear the beginning of the Tang dynasty, in 7th century China, General Shi Yan-sheng is tricked into leaving the crown prince unguarded. The crown prince is murdered by one of his brothers who then becomes emperor. Shi retreats to a monastery, perhaps to hide, perhaps to plan a coup. When his loyal troops as well as the princess he desires are slain, he seeks refuge in a remote, abandoned monastery where an aged abbot schools him with practical, earthy teachings. The emperor’s forces pursue Shi: first a woman, then a general seek to overpower him with lust and might. Over the course of the film, the reds of battle give way to blues of meditation.
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Nov 26

Yellow Fangs (1990) aka Rimeinzu: Utsukushiki yuusha-tachi

yelfanBased on a true story. In 1915, a mountain village in Japan was attacked by a giant bear, dubbed “Red Spot”, who terrorized the villagers for days, murdering the men and carrying off the women to save for a late night meal. Sonny Chiba (`Kill Bill`), in his directorial debut, and special advisor Kinji Fukasaku (“Battle Royale”) present a film based on this terrifying real life incident. YELLOW FANGS tells the story of a young bear hunter living in the village of Hawk’s Hills, Japan. When Yuki, a young woman recently kicked out of her home, spends the night with him, a giant bear attacks her home, kills her father, her brothers and carries her mother off into the mountains. The bear hunters gather together and go after the beast but he forbids Yuki to follow. Undaunted, Yuki disguises herself as a boy and goes after “Red Spot” herself.
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Nov 17

Geki Totsu: The Insanity of Emperor Iemitsu (1989) aka Shôgun Iemitsu no ranshin – Gekitotsu

geki_totsu_the_insanity_of_emperor_iemitsuAn order is given to the young shogun heir Tachehiyo to participate in an initiation ritual in Edo that will mark his descent into manhood and his ascension to the Shogunate. Unfortunately, the current Shogun has some serious inferiority complexes as well as a fairly strong case of being totally insane. At the direction of his vassal, he tasks Iba Shoemon (Sonny Chiba) to assassinate his eldest son and prevent him from ever reaching Edo alive, thereby ensuring the Shogunate will transfer to his favorite younger son. Fortunately for the young heir, seven samurai have been tasked with keeping the young master safe during his trouble, led by master swordsman Igo Gyobu (Ken Ogata). The odds are not good for their survival, but an oath is an oat.
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