Nov 29

Chinese Kamasutra (1993)

chinese-kamasutra-1993_coverJoan Parker, an American scholar of Chinese lore, recently took on a job at a Chinese library. When she stumbles upon a volume of the Kamasutra, her sexual fantasies are unleashed, but she remains cold towards the advances of her fellow librarian. There seems to be a connection to a haunted house she passes by on her way home, and the strange man keeps watching her from a barred window above. Unknowingly, she stumbles into the clutches of the Kamasutra cult, and through a series of trials and orgies discovers her sexuality…and her true nature as a reincarnation of an unhappy lover.

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Oct 23

San Fernando Valley Girls (1987)

san_fernando_valley_girlsTotally awesome! Like here it is! Like you totally need to see this tubular new flick. “San Fernando Valley Girls”. It is this bitchin, totally awesome sextacular new moan and talk epic and like I mean, it’s blue to the max … Ohmigod, these dudes are too rad to be true. I mean, like gag me with romance

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Sep 01

Second Coming of Eva (1974) a.k.a De elskede i sommernatten

second_coming_of_eva_1974_coverYoung schoolgirl Eva is beginning to become somewhat obsessed with sex, so her prudish older sister sends her off to a girls’ boarding school, where she is assured that Eva will receive proper moral guidance and forget her sexual obsessions. Eva, however, discovers that the school isn’t quite what her sister thinks it is.
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Aug 16

Daydream 2 (1987) [Uncensored and Censored version] a.K.a Hakujitsumu zoku (白日夢)

captured_for_sexAn artist and a young woman are in a dentist’s waiting room. Though he is attracted to the woman, he says nothing to her. They are later in the same examining room. When he is given an anaesthetic, he begins to imagine a series of scenes in which the woman undergoes various forms of sexual abuse, including rape and torture. When the artist recovers from the anaesthetic, he finds clues showing that he may not have been hallucinating.
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Aug 15

Daydream (1981) [Uncensored and Censored version] a.K.a Hakujitsumu (白日夢)

daydream81“Daydream” is a structureless succession of bizarre and erotic set-pieces revolving around a series of fantasies in a dentist’s waiting room.A young woman named Chieko begins hallucinating whilst sitting on the dentist’s chair.Her hallucinations involve dental surgeon,who molests and sexually abuses the woman.She is subjected to lengthy bondage session by the dentist,then she is pursued naked by him through a shopping mall and so on.
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