Jan 04

Hunter in the Dark (1979) aka Yami no karyudo

Yataro Tanigawa, a one-eyed hired assassin, impresses yakuza boss Gomyo Kiyoemon with his skill. Gomyo hires Tanigawa as his bodyguard, or yojimbo, to protect him during an inter-clan conflict. Tanigawa quickly rises in stature in the clan, but finds his boss’s enemies almost overwhelming.

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Kekko Kamen Collection [1991-2012]


“Kekko Kamen” Collection including:
1. Keiko Mask (1991) aka Kekkô Kamen (‘けっこう仮面’)
2. Kekko Kamen New (2004) aka Kekkô Kamen
3. Kekko Kamen: The MGF Strikes Back (2004)
4. Kekko Kamen: Returns (2004)
5. Kekko Kamen: Surprise! (2004)
6. Kekko Kamen: Royale (2007)
7. Kekko Kamen: Premium (2007)
8. Mask the Kekkou: Reborn (2012)



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Nov 19

Dead Angle (1979) aka Hakuchyu no shikaku

An extraordinary group of action stars join up together as elite college graduates in the 1950’s who commit perfect financial crimes through legal loopholes. Starring the great Natsuyagi Isao and Chiba Shinichi, along with legendary samurai star Amachi Shigeru. As with all things in life, nothing is perfect. Will justice prevail or is there really a perfect crime? Edge of the seat suspense highlights this superb crime drama!

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