Barbarian Queen (1985) AKA La regina dei barbari


Set during the days of the Roman Empire. A simple village is raided by Roman troops, and most of the people are whisked off to be slaves or killed. Three women survive and set off to liberate their people. When they arrive at the Roman city, they team up with the local underground to seek vengeance and liberation of the slaves.

  • Year: 1985
  • Duration: 01:11:46
  • Directed by: Héctor Olivera
  • Actors: Lana Clarkson, Katt Shea and Frank Zagarino
  • Language: English
  • Country: USA | Argentina
  • Also known as: Queen of the Naked Steel, Królowa barbarzynców, La regina dei barbari




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2 thoughts on “Barbarian Queen (1985) AKA La regina dei barbari

  1. Hi admin,
    this movie is very entertaining, but it cannot be downloaded,
    please replace the expired links with the new ones, thanks.

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