Angel of Darkness collection (1995-1997) aka Injû kyôshi – jissha-ban

Angel of Darkness Collection including:
Vol. 1 – Angel of Darkness (1995)
Vol. 2 – Angel of Darkness (1995)
Vol. 3 – Angel of Darkness : Live Action (1996)
Vol. 4 – Angel of Darkness (1996)
Vol. 5 – Angel of Darkness (1997)

Based on the anime bearing the same name, this ANGEL OF DARKNESS is a series of five live action movies that begins with a retelling of the strange and erotic tale of the demon invasion at Shibuya University. The rest of the series travels to other college campuses where the sex demons have managed to extend their tentacles and ensnare the innocent young women who study there. Contains all five movies.

Year..........: 1995-1997
Directed by...: Mitsunori Hattori, Atsushi Shimizu
Stars.........: Natsuki Asô, Mari Kawagoe, Mariko Motoki...
                Rika Nanase, Keiji Hamaguchi, Nana Kanazawa
                Ryôka Yuzuki, Shizuko Azuma, Keiji Hamaguchi
                Kana Fujitani, Yuri Mizusawa, Nobuyuki Nakai 
Genres........: Adult | Fantasy | Horror | Pinku
Language......: Japanese
Country.......: Japan
Subtitle......: English
IMDB Link.....: VOL. 1:
                VOL. 2:
                VOL. 3:
                VOL. 4:
                VOL. 5:
Also Known As.: Injû kyôshi - jissha-ban
Format........: DVDrip | 1.51 GiB | 70 mins | 720×480 | mkv
                DVDrip | 1.56 GiB | 72 mins | 720×480 | mkv
                DVDrip | 1.55 GiB | 73 mins | 720×480 | mkv
                DVDrip | 1.63 GiB | 76 mins | 720×480 | mkv
                DVDrip | 1.55 GiB | 73 mins | 720×480 | mkv

Single Shots

Angel of Darkness 1 (1995) aka Injû kyôshi – jissha-ban

The college students of Shibuya seemed so innocent until a sex depraved demon unleashed the carnal desires of their possessed teachers! Now its writhing tentacles are about to teach them a lesson of desire and ecstasy that they might just not survive!. Buxom college girl Miki and her voluptuous friends Eiko and Ryoko love living the wild life. Sparkling gems and fast cash are the name of the game and they’re not against mixing in lots of sex to get the best out of their young lives! Whether it’s breaking the school rules by prostituting at night or selling their panties at local stores, this oversexed group of women always get what they want, when they want it. When a mysterious tentacle demon begins stalking the streets of Shibuya in search of young women to satiate its beastly desires, the small group of friends might just uncover enough pleasure to kill them! Can their professor, Mr. Tojo, save them by getting them to change their wild ways before it’s too late? Or could his real interest in the women be more than merely professional?

Angel of Darkness 2 (1995) aka Injû kyôshi 2 – jissha-ban

Sealed away for eons, the egg from an Injuu, a lusty tentacle demon, manages to escape its earthly confinement when an earthquake shatters its prison into tiny bits. Mad as hell (not to mention sexually frustrated after being incarcerated for all those years), it’s out to get revenge! Now all it needs is a new host… Unaware of the danger that awaits them, five lusty college students and their two chaperone professors set out to take in a little sun and lots of hot fun on a Seika College camping trip in the woods. Although they’re supposed to be studying the plant life, they’re much more interested in studying each other. So when students Sanae and Takuya set out to “investigate” a private path on their own, Professor Fujino and her secret lesbian lover Akane are more than happy to be left alone. Hot and bothered, Professor Fujino takes a refreshing drink from a local spring, but it contains much more than just healthy minerals! Now her body’s been possessed by the Injuu and it’s ready to have a little one-on-one sexual education with each of the unsuspecting campers. Miles away from any help, will the campers discover the true nature of this horny demon before it kills them all?

Angel of Darkness 3 (1996) aka Injû kyôshi 3 – jissha-ban

After unleashing its fury against the Seika College campers, the Injuu, a sex starved tentacle demon, was seemingly defeated. But having witnessing the devastating aftermath of the Injuu’s appetites, Father Tadokoro isn’t so convinced this vicious demon is really dead. Determined not to let another innocent young woman become a victim of the demon’s beastly desires, he sets off to Showa Central Hospital to check up on the sole survivor of the massacre. When his sloppy investigation alerts the Injuu to his presence, it manages to escape by lashing out at anyone within reach – and that includes playing ‘doctor’ with hot college professor, Manabe! Back on the streets once more, this hungry demon is ready to feast on human sexual appetites everywhere! But who needs to search the streets when you have an entire campus full of hot women like Fumie and Kaori? Can Father Tadokoro defeat this rampaging sex demon before it claims yet another young vivacious victim? Or will they Fumie and Kaori also fall victim to its insatiable appetite?

Angel of Darkness 4 (1996) aka Injû kyôshi 4 –  jissha-ban

They said strange things happened around her. They said she was dangerous. They said she was a demon. Now naïve little Izumi is about to uncover the truth behind her life of lies… Constantly bullied by all the other students at Seika College, timid little Izumi never tries to fight back. Her lifelong friend Toru does his best to defend her from the bullies, but even he’s beginning to have doubts about her. Desperate to help his daughter, Izumi’s father hires the beautiful Sakiko Katsuragi to pose as a housekeeper and become his daughter’s confidant. But when Izumi is assaulted by priests and one of them ends up dead, the whole situation goes from bad to worse!To top everything off, Sakiko has her own hidden agenda – she’s there to reclaim her demon daughter – Izumi! Has Izumi’s entire life been nothing but a lie? Is she really a child of a diabolical sex driven demon? Now it’s up to Izumi and Toru to uncover the real truth, but the answers may cost them both their souls…

Angel of Darkness 5 (1997) aka Injû kyôshi 5 – jissha-ban

College life getting you down? Switch to Seika College where the students are getting a whole new lesson in sexual education! Michiru’s classes were dull and boring until her classmates, Chie, Saori and Takeru, started taking extra classes at a new night school. Utilizing subliminal messaging, the school helps their students ace their daytime college exams. Unfortunately, the school’s professor forgot to mention the process has a few sexual side effects… The next day Saori’s in for the sexual education of a lifetime! Classmates begin masturbating, her professor is fondling the other students before her eyes, and Saori is getting so hot she’s literally exploding! Then, on the way home, Chie finds her sexual appetite soaring. She’ll take any man, or thing, that can relieve her inner burning desires! Can innocent Michiru uncover the truth behind the evil night school and the mysterious deaths of her friends before anyone else dies? Or is she fated to become another victim?

Vol. 1 – Angel of Darkness (1995)
Vol. 2 – Angel of Darkness (1995)
Vol. 3 – Angel of Darkness : Live Action (1996)
Vol. 4 – Angel of Darkness (1996)
Vol. 5 – Angel of Darkness (1997)

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