Fireflies in the North (1984) aka Kita No Hotaru

“In 1984, Hideo Gosha accepted Toei’s offer to direct Fireflies in the North, about a 19th century samurai rebellion in a Hokkaido prison called shuchikan. The Japanese government was by then using political prisoners from former samurai clans in order to build railroads in snowbound northern Japan, at a heavy death toll. The script focused on a real-life character called Kiyoshi Tsukigata (Tatsuya Nakadai) and his love affair with a mysterious woman played by Shima Iwashita (already seen in Sword of the Beast). This love affair leads to an ending that makes the film differ greatly from Gosha’s former Goyokin. Whereas Magobei eventually walked away through a field of snow with his back turned to his wife, Tsukigata decides to cast off all notions of jingi and giri in order to sing and dance with his beloved. The scene was not in the script (which even ended with different characters) and exemplifies Gosha’s wish to express his own love of life and Japan’s popular arts (especially enka) more than his admiration for the samurai or yakuza spirit.”

Year............: 1984
Directed by.....: Hideo Gosha
Stars...........: Tatsuya Nakadai, Shima Iwashita, Kôichi Satô
Genres..........: Drama
Language,.......: Japanese
Subtitles.......: English
Country.........: Japan
IMDB Link.......: 7.3 Rating | INFO
Also known as...: Kita No Hotaru, (北の螢)
Format..........: DVDrip | 1.46 GiB | 125mins | 720x400 | mkv

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