Aug 30

Scarred Memory (1996) a.K.a Bao jie Qing qing

Scarred_Memory_1996_COVERStricken professionally as well as emotionally after a traumatic attack, Dr. Ivy Yip inadvertently neglects a patient, who subsequently winds up with brain damage. Ivy flees to Macau in shame, where, by coincidence, she crosses paths with that very patient and attempts to make amends. A budding friendship soon escalates into romance, but difficulties arise as neither is equipped to confront the painful memories that eventually resurface.
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Aug 29

Confinement Sister Teachers (2006) a.K.a Kankin ane imôto kyôshi

confinement_sister_teachersAkiko has just become a teacher in a high school. She teaches the same school as what her elder sister does. Akiko lives with her elder sister and her brother-in-law Norio. Akiko has an affair with Norio, although she knows that it should not be happened. She just cannot stop loving Norio. Until one day, she is visiting her student’s home, some incredible things happened…
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Aug 28

Oniroku: Dan Best of SM (1984) a.K.a SM daizenshu (団鬼六監修 SM大全集)

Oniroku_Dan_Best_of_SM_1984_COVERSM Daizenshu – Best of SM is basically clips from a few “popular” pinku films that is put into the context of a “story” – by adding “book-end” sequences that turn the film clips into slightly more than just a compilation film.
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